The remaining pages are broken into subsections classified by operating system. As noted, a variety of operating systems are compatible with the campus network. If you already know which platform you will be bringing to campus, you can skip to and read that section. If not, we recommend you read all the notices below.

If you have not purchased antivirus software, please do not do so. Cal Poly has already licensed Symantec Endpoint Prtection for Microsoft and Symantec AntiVirus for Apple platforms. If you have, There will be no ResNet office support for any antivirus clients other than Symantec Endpoint Protection. Only Free solutions exist for Unix and GNU/Linux platforms.

We would like you to also take note that students receive a discount on operating systems through the El Corral Bookstore. If you are enrolled in the Orfalea College of Business, Computer Science, Computer Engineering, or Software Engineering departments, you may be eligible for extremely discounted (sometimes free) Microsoft software. If you are enrolled in one of these programs, you should consult your department to learn more about the Microsoft Academic Software Alliance.

As a general rule, ResNet does not support "beta" or "alpha" software. Software that's labeled "beta" or "alpha" is considered an early, unstable release. Using software in this state can cause problems with your connection to the network. ResNet will not assist users that use software in this state.